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Our Mission

Make It Happen Group was born from the curiosity of challenging the status quo, to dive a bit deeper to find out what is 'really' possible. We have a very unique approach and offer healthy accountability and tangible strategies that will get people from A to B. 


Our mission is to unlock people's potential by making it happen and taking their blinkers off. 

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Our Team

Your Coach

Gines Satchithanandam_001.jpg

Gines Satchi

Founder and Head Coach

As the founder, Gines' attitude very much embodies the words, 'Make It Happen.' He truly believes we get to choose. 

His breadth of experience has shaped a unique outlook that is hard to find elsewhere. 

Gines has gone from, investment banker, to elite Australian athlete, to outdoor educator, to a high school teacher, to growing a large fitness club as their GM, to Camp Director of two camps in the USA, he has lead teams of 5-150 staff, to GM of a multi-million industry leader in Victoria, Australia and moved his family across the world (including his dog). 

He has a thorough understanding and passion for what it takes to perform at a high level. Not only does he perform at this level in business and sport,  he is also the preferred performance coach of critical response teams in corrections facilities across Australia. 

His honest, growth-centered approach is unique and has left many of his clients saying, "he is the mirror we all need but don't look at.'  


Putting in the work is not uncommon for Gines. One of his favourite past times is running Ultra Marathons and still at times does not call himself a big runner.

Gines believes wholeheartedly that everyone has potential in them waiting to be unlocked.  

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