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Our Mission

Make It Happen Group was born from the curiosity of challenging the status quo, to dive a bit deeper to find out what is 'really' possible. We have a very unique approach and offer healthy accountability and tangible strategies that will get people from A to B. 


Our mission is to unlock people's potential by making it happen and taking their blinkers off. 

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Our Team

Your Coach

Gines Satchithanandam_001.jpg

Gines Satchi

Founder and Head Coach

As the founder, Gines embodies the unwavering mantra of 'Make It Happen,' placing an unparalleled emphasis on achieving high performance in every aspect of life.

His journey, spanning from investment banking to becoming an elite Australian athlete, an outdoor educator, a high school teacher, General Manager of a thriving fitness club and the corporate world, has uniquely shaped his perspective. Gines has not only led teams ranging from 5 to 150 staff members but has also managed a multi-million-dollar industry leader in Victoria, Australia and moved his family across the world (including his dog).

Gines has a dedicated and results-driven approach with over 10 years of experience empowering leaders to achieve their highest potential. Known for a strategic and personalized approach to coaching, He has successfully guided executives from diverse industries to enhance their leadership skills, navigate challenges, and drive organisational success. His commitment to fostering growth and maximizing individual and team performance has made a significant impact on numerous high-profile professionals.

Gines is the preferred performance coach for critical response teams in corrections facilities across Australia, showcasing his ability to excel in high-pressure environments.


His coaching approach, characterized by candidness and a relentless focus on growth, has earned him accolades, with clients often expressing, "he is the mirror we all need but don't look at."


For Gines, "seeing what is capable and stretching the limit" is a fundamental principle, evident in his passion for running Ultra Marathons, despite his modest acknowledgment of not considering himself a "not a big runner."

With an unshakeable belief in the untapped potential within every individual, Gines is on a mission to unlock and elevate high performance for each person he coaches.

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